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Q & A
Whatever happened to Marvel vs Capcom 2?

It is about to be released in Japan, and we'll be seeing it later this year in the U.S.

Affiliate News
PC Gamers: Get your latest driver updates, including NVIDIA 2.08, Xentor 2.08, and CL TNT2U. Also, new info on the 64MB DDR GeForce.
Today Square announced their hopes to create one of Japan's biggest online services, to include a virtual world of games, music, sports and comics. Read the full story here.

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Black & White Vault Now Open!
The Black & White Vault is packed with information about Peter Molyneux's groundbreaking PC and Dreamcast game. And launch day has kicked off with a bunch of cracking exclusives, including a unique tour of Lionhead's HQ...

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  •  The World is Not Enough

    James Bond Returns. And we've got the full story with first-ever in-game screenshots and movies...

    Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus
    Invictus, from the Latin meaning "unconquerable." That's pretty much how I feel about this game. It does have its moments, but they are few and far between...

    Summoner Thursday!, Chapter 11
    Volition's Jason Scott is one of the writers for Summoner, and as such his daily duties on the Summoner project require him to generate massive amounts of game text. He gives us the low down on the history of two main continents in Summoner: Medeva and Orenia...

    Abandonware In A Nutshell: Why Nobody Wins - MobyGames
    Abandonware websites, named for most consumers' perception that software companies have "abandoned" their oldest software titles, offer free downloads of classic gaming software. Writer Jim Leonard gives us the scoop on the three year-old phenomenon...

    Interplay Fulfills PS2 Destiny
    Fulfilling its early promise to deliver a more robust console lineup on next-generation systems, Interplay today announced its plans to bring its very best games to PlayStation2. Baldur's Gate II, Star Trek: New Worlds, and Giants are all PlayStation2 bound...

    Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
    The greatest Porsche racer of all time? EA hits the streets with a killer new NFS that has really come together, and plays with an awesome sense of speed. Tons of movies...

    PlayStation 2 So Far, by Mark Simons - Total Video Games
    So the PlayStation2 has finally arrived at the TVG offices and we are finally able to get a good look and feel for the machine, as well as seeing the games first hand for the first time. Check out our honest opinion...

    TWINE: Matt's Hands-on Impressions
    This is not a rehash game capitalizing on Rare's efforts. It's a spectacular Bond shooter that is demonstrating that Eurocom has hit elite status...

    Saffire First-person Shooter Exposed
    Today we've uncovered a whole slew of new mouthwatering details about the first-person shooter, including never-before-seen movie footage and screenshots of it all running in action...

    Ogre Battle 3 N64 Movies - Gaming Age
    Players who have been awaiting the release of Ogre Battle 3: Person of Lordly Caliber should be overjoyed to know that the game will be arriving on Nintendo 64s everywhere this Summer...

    Amazing New Phantasy Star Online Screens!
    With the summer release of Phantasy Star Online rapidly approaching, Sega of Japan has released a few new screenshots for us to feast our eyes on...

    Spawn: In the Demon's Hand
    You want pictures? Try a full 60 in game and artwork shots as Capcom brings Spawn to DC. Capcom isn't talking about a US release of the game, but we'll keep you posted should we uncover anything...

    Hawk Hops on VMU - FGN Online
    Although the Dreamcast version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater won't use the console's online capabilities in any way  it will make use of the VMU. Find out how inside...

    Spy Vs. Spy
    I was a little hesitant to play this game on the Game Boy Color, but it's unique and fun enough to justify a purchase. Even if you grew out of the Mad Magazine phase, you'll want to grab this great Game Boy Color game...

    Dragon Dance
    One of Crave's latest releases will be a Breakout-style clone from Natsume titled Dragon Dance, due out sometime this summer...

    Sakura Taisen GBC Preview - DMG Ice
    How did this happen? Sega made a Game Boy Color game. It's coming soon in Japan. It may never see the light of day. It's a popular Japanese series based on an anime of the same name...


    Babe of the Day: Aaliyah

    Kick ass! It's the hottie from Jet Li's Romeo Must Die...

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    Welcome to IGN Sci-Fi's weekly comics review section. This week's round up includes Spider-Man, Gambit, Black Panther and Blade of the Immortal...

    The Cars of eBay
    My mission, which I chose to accept, was to log onto eBay and hunt for cool cars. Famous cars. Cars with historical value. I got a heads up on Elvis Caddy and David Lettermans Testarossa...

    Script Asylum: From Hell
    And you thought Se7en was creepy. Get the first word on this upcoming Jack the Ripper flick set to star Johnny Depp...