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Win Majesty - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, a Sony Monitor and a Voodoo card!

Sit on the throne of your very own fantasy kingdom! Enter to win a Sony 17 Monitor, a 3dfx Voodoo Graphic Accelerator card and a copy of Majesty  The Fantasy Kingdom Sim for your PC.

Free Demos at Gigex

Check out Gigex for the coolest game demos on the web! They offer the top 20 game demos, every day, all day, FOR FREE! Visit Gigex today, and get Homeworld, Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact, Nox, Front Mission 3, and more of the hottest games available.

Q & A
Why don't the codes for Tony Hawk Skater seem to work?

The codes that were originally sent out were indeed flase. We have since removed them from our site. When we have the new codes, we will post them.

Affiliate News
Diabloii Net
Eagerly awaiting Diablo 2? Need a little taste or preview of one of the most anticipated RPGs of all time? Or do you want to win awesome prizes from one of the best sites on the web? Just click here to go for some hot peripherals that are sure to enhance your
Diablo 2 game play. See you in the dungeons!

Nintendo Express
For the latest news on your favorite console games, check out Nintendo Express. With up-to-the-minute stories the new Gameboy, clickhere.

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WOW Thing
Still have those crappy little Labtec speakers? Can't affordable the Cambridge Desktop Theater? Well, here's a small box and some software to make the bad things sound better.

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  •  Resident Evil - CODE: Veronica

    So good it's scary? You bet your last green herb it is. Find out why you must own this game, inside.

    Three Nights of Vampire: The Masquerade -- Night Three
    Our final night expands our Vampire preview with information on the new multiplayer system.

    4x4 Evolution Announced
    The first cross-platform multiplayer game was announced today by Terminal Reality and Gathering of Developers. It will come to us in the form of an off-road racing game called 4x4 Evolution. And you've guessed it...we've got screenshots!

    NEW GUIDES - Front Mission III
    We show you how to beat all 85 missions in Square's mech masterpiece. Plus, you can even download the whole guide as a PDF file! Look for Nox, Rayman 2, Syphon Filter 2, and others!

    Now Playing in Japan
    A HUGE update! Best selling games in Japan, a new FFIX character, new info on ZOE, and shots galore!

    Vanguard Bandits
    First ever movies and screens of Working Designs' strategy RPG.

    Front Mission 3 Strategy Guide!
    Come check out more than 70 missions of walkthrough perfection, only from IGN.

    All-Star Baseball 2001
    The best has gotten better. The only baseball game this year is the only one you need.

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    More than 20 fantastic new Majora's Mask screenshots show off how just how far this game has come.

    Biohazard Zero Screens and Details
    We've got new information and almost 20 new screenshots of Capcom's N64 survival horror exclusive.

    Dead or Alive 2 Guide Now Online - FREE
    Got your butt kicked by a girl? Our guide will teach you over one hundred moves for each character! There's also awesome downloads like wallpaper and graphics changes! If you like your fights sure to check out the Resident Evil - CODE: Veronica will save your life!

    Anyone Up For a Release Dates Update?
    It's hard to keep up with what's out and what's not, ain't it? Don't worry..we'll do it for you!!!

    TGS 2000: Segasoft's 10SIX Confirmed For Dreamcast
    Four million DC owners are set to join in on that whole 999,999 simultaneous player thing.

    Rayman Lights Up Game Boy Color
    When the Game Boy Pocket is running on all its 8-bit cylinders, its truly amazing what can be done with this tiny little wonder!

    Tokyo Game Show Preview
    Craig's all ready in Japan to bring you handheld gaming goodies from the TGS floor. Konnichiwa!

    Disney's Dinosaur
    At the end of a epoch, only you can save the dinosaurs from the end of the Earth.


    Babe of the Day: Annalise Braakensiek

    Is there anything more wonderful in this world than an Australian swimsuit model?

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    The McMahon family has made wrestling fun to watch again
    The McMahons have been called many things in their day, but happy family most certainly has not been one of them!

    Big Movie Star Interview with John Cusack
    The star of High Fidelity talks about karmic gifts and chasing the dragon's tail of relationships.

    Castewar's Bottom Shelf Video Reviews
    Kevin Bacon was in Sleepers with Dustin Hoffman. Dustin Hoffman played a guy who was a big worm in Hero. Kevin Bacon and a giant worm are in this movie. Three degrees of Kevin Bacon!