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Q & A
When will the PS2 be available in the U.K.?

At E3, Sony officials said that the European launch of the PS2 will coincide with the North American launch, as will the price, with the natural exchange rate price being a little higher. So, that means the date in Europe is also Thursday, October 26, 2000.

Affiliate News
Pokemon Abode
Pokimon at E3: Get the Pocket Monster E3 Perspective by heading over to IGNpocket affiliate Pokimon Abode. Just click here.

FGN Online
Galerians PS2 Sequel Details: Yes, it's coming and FGN Online has first details of what to expect from this PS2 survival-horror sequel inside.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Guide
Let us help you develop your tactical abilities, teach you basic deckbuilding skills, and give you the lowdown on each of the opponents you'll face on your quest for the Legendary Pokemon Cards.

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  •  First Direct Feed Movies of WWF Royal Rumble

    Sega and THQ team up for the ultimate in videogame wrestling. See for yourself in our new movies.

    Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos
    This might be the next big shooter. As the story of the sequel goes, one hundred years have passed since the original Independence War ended...

    Rowan's Battle of Britain
    At E3 Ian Riches, head of Empire QA and I had a chance to sit down and talk about the Battle of Britain, our shared love of Aces of the Pacific and the new game in development by Rowan.

    E3 RPG Reports - Vault Network
    During the three days of E3, we had the opportunity to see a large number of RPGs and hybrids, and also to speak with their developers.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
    The best skateboarding game on the planet just got a lot better. Ten new movies, and new screens of the killer create-a-skatepark mode...

    MDK Armageddon
    Hot on the heels of the critically-acclaimed MDK2 for PCs and Sega Dreamcast, BioWare has announced that they're working on another MDK game, this one for PlayStation2.

    Rayman 2: Revolution
    One of the best platformers ever released on N64, DC, and PS is now headed to PS2. First screens...

    GoldenEye versus Perfect Dark
    It would be easy to simply chalk up the newer, shinier Perfect Dark as the winner in all categories including better looking levels, but we figure we've got to be democratic about the process and give old 007 a fighting chance...

    Interview: Nintendo's Strong Left
    IGN64 talks with the president of second-party Left Field Studios about Excitebike 64 and Dolphin...

    Batman Beyond
    We asked for Bruce Wayne's Batman and we get the futuristic, power-suited Tomorrow Knight instead. This new Batman should avoid the tragedy of that other DC superhero gone bad on the N64.

    Driver 2 Destined for Dreamcast?
    In taking a closer look at Infogrames E3 press kit, we noticed that Reflections' follow up to their smash-hit, Driver, is apparently Dreamcast-bound. Speculation runs rampant...

    Vaticals Dreamcast Triple-Threat
    E.G.G.s Stateside publisher has picked up some big names. How big? How does System Shock grab ya?

    IGNDC Gets Movie-happy!
    As part of the post-E3 flood of media, weve added a host of new screens and movies, including Peacemakers, Dragonriders, Dark Angel and more!

    Pokimon Trading Card Game Guide Now Online
    Every nuance of the Game Boy Color game covered in an easy-to-read guide, helping you to to build the best deck possible. Best of all, it's free!

    WCW Mayhem
    Electronic Arts gets its first taste of the whole wrestling thing on the Game Boy Color with WCW Mayhem, a conversion of its series that hit the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 late last year.

    Not to be outdone by the big, muscular beefcake of a half-god Hercules, Xena, the warrior princess will be getting her very own Game Boy Color game...


    Babes of E3

    Take a look at our bootytastic rundown of the only REAL reason to attend the E3.

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    The Week in Comics
    Lots of good stuff for you this week, including new reviews of Black Panther, Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Gotham Knights, and more.

    Keeping the Sentinels on Their Toes
    Jonesing for a little Matrix fix, but can't wait for Keanu and Carrie-Anne to suit back up? We've got your fix right here. New Matrix online comics kick off tomorrow...

    The Undertaker is Returning!
    After eight months on the shelf, The Undertaker is ready to stalk the ring once again!